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Energizing Energy Commerce We provide comprehensive Energy Commerce platform for Oil & Gas, Drilling & Exploration sector, also serving the Petrochemical Refining, Power, Solar, Renewable Energy and Utility Industries.


Optimize the benefits of E-commerce in the Global Energy Industry.


Provide a platform that facilitates highly efficient transactions within the broad energy marketplace.

Core Values

Maintain Customer FOCUS.
Deliver QUALITY.
ENGAGE Employees.
Demonstrate INTEGRITY.
INNOVATE Purposefully.

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Meet Us

Our Strategy

Energi Bizz is an all-in-one digital e-commerce parts and equipment inventory marketplace and technical resource solution platform for the global energy industry. Initially focused on the oil and gas industry, Energi Bizz is expanding into the petrochemical, nuclear, electrical power and renewable energy sectors.

Each of the Company’s four key product offerings help companies reduce costs and increase operating efficiency by enhancing their business process and supply chain efficiency and by providing access to a global marketplace for parts and equipment and timely access to a global pool of skilled technical people. The Energi Bizz platform launched in October 2021. The company is focused on increasing the number of users and the volume of parts, equipment and services offered on the site exponentially and envisages that Energi Bizz will quickly be the recognized
E-commerce marketplace for the Energy market.

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