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Dan C. Eckermann

Energy and mining industry executive, Dan Eckermann served as President and Chief Executive Officer of LeTourneau Technologies, Inc. (LTI, now Keppel, Komatsu & Nucor) for 13 years, a time during which the company grew about tenfold. Before his tenure as CEO, Dan held several positions at LeTourneau leading or managing operations in diverse business units, including LTI Offshore Products, LTI Mining Products, LTI Steel Products, and LTI Drilling Systems. In his 25 years with LTI, Dan led several significant projects ranging from $40 million to $250 million each, including developing several new drilling systems products, facilitating the development of jack-up drilling rig designs, leading the procurement of jack-up drilling rigs, facilitating the transformation of a mining industry product line and overseeing the upgrade of another product family. After graduating from Texas, A&M University, he also worked for about 10 years for Union Carbide (now Dow) and about five years at Pennzoil (now Shell). a passionate student of energy, Dan served on the National Petroleum Council, an advisory body to the U.S. Secretary of Energy, and belonged to 10 other industry organizations in the oil and gas and mining industries.  Today he continues to be active in the industry as a business consultant, owner, and member of boards of directors and executive teams.

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